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Woodcast Ep. 3: The Mighty Bison

March 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, we’re still on the air despite a lot of you not even knowing how to download or listen to a podcast.  In Episode Three, the W9 welcomes a member to his very first podcast experience. Join him and the rest of us as we talk about Daylight Savings, Mallard Fillmore, our first Blue President, and Jim’s favorite movie scenes. Catch the fever!

I’ve included two versions of the podcast.  The first one is an mp3 that you can download and play on anything (do people still use winamp?), and the second one is the enhanced (read: with pictures) version you can listen to in iTunes.

Woodcast Episode 03 – The Mighty Bisonmp3 version

Woodcast Episode 03 – The Mighty BisoniTunes version