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The State of the Woodcast

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

The State of the Woodcast is strong . . . to quite strong.  Sadly though, there is no podcast for this week, and there won’t be one next week either due to everyone celebrating Zombie Jesus.  I know this news comes as a crushing blow to most of you, but fret not fine friends because that doesn’t mean that we’re gonna stop giving you awesome material to read here at our website!  Exclamation point!

Jim, I’m sure, has enough backed up in the pipeline that that he can email to me at 3:40am and I can immediately post because I too am awake.  I will also try to put some stuff up myself, so this lack of podcasts isn’t too bad.  Think of the first four episodes as a nice, long teaser for the rest of the series that is yet to come.  In future podcasts you can look forward to more lists, more points not being made, more anger from John Marino, and maybe some original written scenes with exciting cliff . . .

. . . hangers!

Anyway, hopefully this video will hold you over until next time.  This one requires patience, but the payoff, ah, the payoff: